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I have speculated on the nature of the dissociative condition and have concluded it's a wonderful thing. Or could be. If I could learn how to pluck from each personna all that is good. Now one could imagine this sounds a bit obscure. And as it is, I have been trying to articulate the experience of being dissociative. Maybe in 'speaking' it , I can then comprehend the phenonema. Which is probably the wrong word. Because it isn't a matter of having several personalities so much is it a shifting of awareness so as to cause a totally different experience of the world. Which is as far as I'll explain for now. I see, for myself at least, I'm going to have to lay some ground work.


For now I ask myself why the picture on the left spoke to me of the feeling that dissociative is. She is familiar. Her stance is familiar. Of waiting, of an austere dignity. There are many women in me waiting. Waiting for their turn on stage. The necessity of their presence. The calling of their particular power. And they, like she, are naked and veiled, emerging in the dress and demeanor of the moment, like an idea taking substance as it enters thru the fabric of the material world into being. And now I have come to long for some of them. Yearn. For their scent. Their vision the world we share. And who is to say that a multi-dimensional experience of the world is not the key to .....