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The Wisdom of Others....


Powerful words are like waves rippling out across the surface of your soul, reflecting the magic of light.


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The wisdom quoted here will be what appears wise to me. Different for you perhaps. But i imagine if it strikes me as wise, it may simply be because it is a lesson I have yet to learn. What is stunning is that you may scratch any human, from any walk of life, and they will inevitably produce some insight, some profundity. But then, wisdom isn't one particular thought alone but the thought embodied in how you live your life, actual ongoing 'evidence' that, this thought or idea or whatever, is indeed wise. But is wise always practical? And is practical actually a benign obfuscation of what is merely expedient? Oh but do I ever ramble. As is my wont. Get used to it. So...


I intend to record that which I hear or read that strikes me. Quote them here and then ponder/ruminate/brainstorm its' meaning for me. Out of THAT, perhaps, wisdom of my own will emerge, or at least thoughts that I originate, even if I only am discovering what those wiser have long known. Knowing is magic. Transformational. And my way of walking that wisdom, and your way...well, each, I suspect, are as seperate and unique as facets in a prism, the combined refracted light of which delights the mind.